V8 Smartwatch Bluetooth 4.0

V8 Smartwatch Bluetooth 4.0 Sync Pedometer Sleep Monitor Remote Camera

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Now you can find only this intelligent watch not only support android phone but also support iPhone QQ, Micro message information push.
2 The latest technology Bluetooth 4.0, mobile phone or watches use less battery power.
3. HD highlight capacitive touch screen, 240*240 resolution, absolutely clear.
4. life is movement, how to more scientific movement? V8 built-in pedometer, time to record motion information from you, to let you know about the amount of exercise at any time.
5. Sleep monitor: Yes.
6. Remote camera: Yes.
7. Synchronize Call function,when the phone call, the watch will direct caller information, can be on watch directly answering incoming calls, hands-free calls
8. Synchronize phone book function, you can directly see the mobile phone contacts in the watch and dial directly. Also see mobile phone call records
9. Sync mp3 play
10. Burglar Alarm: Yes
11. Android support mobile APP synchronization management pedometer and sleep monitoring data, easy to view management!
12.Multi-Language: English, Francais, Espanol, Portugues, Deutsch, Turkish, Russian
13. Color: black

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