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ساعت هوشمند SWatch K2 – دو هسته ای – 1.54 اینچ

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SWatch K2 Multi-functional Bluetooth Watch, with MTK6572 1.2GHz dual core and Android 4.2 OS

A nice smart companion to Android OS devices


It has many differents functions, works fluently and nicely compatible with most smartphone:

WIFI, GPS, FM, Bluetooth, camera, Wallpapers, calendar, clock, dialer,

contacts, gallery, music, stopwatch, timer, today’s schedule, voice memo, weather,

settings, LED notifications, pedometer, find my device/anti-lost, call log, compass, telecamera,

SWflashlight, gesture control, Micphone & Speaker, etc


The home screen is the beginning of all applications.

There are clock shortcuts, applications, and others. Click on the screen to start the application


Clock: Long press the clock screen until there is a shock, and then slide to the left to the right to select your desired clock interface

View Recent Tasks: Double-click on the clock screen to can see the recent active tasks.

Return to the previous screen: Slide down from the top of the screen to return to the previous screen interface.

Quick access to the camera: Slide down in the clock screen from the top of the screen to enter the camera.

Quick access to ​​dialing: Slide up in the clock screen from the bottom of the screen to enter dialer.

Connecting to the Mobile devices  APP

The SWatchManager is installed on a mobile device, and then turn on Bluetooth of both smartwatch and mobile device.

Once you start Watch Manager, the mobile device will scan smartwatch and then connect it.

After connecting to a mobile device, you can use part of the application on a mobile device.

Basic Information
Model SWatch K2 Multi-functional Bluetooth Watch
Service Provide Unlocked
Size Waist size: mini 11cm, max 19cm
Total strap length: 30cm
Material Metal + silicon
OS Android 4.2
CPU MTK6572, Cortex A7 dual core, 1.2GHz; GPU: Mali-400
RAM 512B
Display Size 1.54 Inch
Type Capacitive screen
Resolution 240 x 240 pixels
FM Radio Yes, earphone needed
Data Transfer & Connectivity
Data transfer USB/Bluetooth
Connection App SWatchManager.apk(built in, you can directly copy it to a phone or transfer via Bluetooth)
Mobile internet WiFi(input the password on the mobile phone)
Camera/Picture Resolution 0.3MP Single camera, you can view photos on the gallery
Phonebook 500
GPS Yes, built in
WIFI Yes, 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth Yes
Gravity Sensor Yes
Dialpad about 55 x 38mm/2.16 x 1.49 inch
Net Weight(Including battery) 75g
Standby Time About 200 hours
Other Feature WIFI, GPS, FM, Bluetooth, camera, Wallpapers, calendar, clock, dialer,
contacts, gallery, music, stopwatch, timer, today’s schedule, voice memo, weather,
settings, notifications, pedometer, find my device/anti-lost, call log, compass, telecamera,
SWflashlight, gesture control, Micphone & Speaker, etc
Accessories 1 x Built-in 350mAh Battery
1 x USB Cable
1 x Charger

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