Warning: This firmware is suitable only for Lenovo Vibe X2-CU! I don’t take any responsibility for your devices! Use at your own risk!


Version 2 based on VIBEUI_V2.0_1514_5.26.1_ST_X2-CU:

Official Lenovo changes from 1511 to 1514:

Update the AGPS server address for faster positioning time
MTK GPS optimizations
Fixed crashes in low temperatures
Updated system upgrade version, better IMEI acquisition strategy
Solved Camera bug

My changes:

UPDATE May 4, 2015 – SetupWizard.apk problem should be fixed
Added busybox 1.23.1 by Stericson
Removed even more Chinese applications (can be found in Removed and changed files folder)
Changed the boot logo, startup and shut down animations to the EU versions
Added Google Apps
Build.prop modifications – Default language is English, set to ROW region (No chineese features in many of the apps for example no location in contacts, cannot disable camera sound (EU directive) and others)

Version 1 based on VIBEUI_V2.0_1511_5.22.1_ST_X2-CU:

Removed Chinese applications
Changed the boot logo, startup and shut down animations to the EU versions
Added Google Apps
International Cities in Weather Widget (build.prop modification)

This ROM contains only English and Chinese Languages!!!

In the archive you will find:

modemdb and apdb files
The ROM (target_bin)
Custom TWRP recovery
Removed or changed files (For Version 2+: original build.prop + All the removed apk files, If you need them for any reason or you want OTA to work)

1. Open flash_tool.exe from X2_flashtool_20140812(v5.1428.05.000) folder
2. In Flashtool, select the MT6595_Android_scatter.txt from the target_bin folder. Wait file to be added into Flash Tool
3. Make sure “DA DL All with Checksum” is checked in Options -> Options -> Download OR YOUR PHONE WILL FAIL TO BOOT!
4. Turn off your phone.
5. Select “Firmware Upgrade” or “Download only”, but do not use “Format All + Download”, because you will lose your IMEI and MAC
6. Press Download
7. Connect your phone into the computer via USB data cable.
– install driver from Drivers folder, if needed (you may have to disable Windows Driver Signature Enforcement)
– The process will start and a red progress bar will appear after, yellow, grey and green circles is displayed, the phone is successfully flashed
8. Disconnect the USB cable from the phone and turn it on. It will take few minutes for the phone to boot for first time

How to keep your data between version updates:

Not recommended! Deselect userdata and cache partitions and your data should be intact. If you exprience problems I recommend a factory reset!

Download Links

Download version 1 based on VIBEUI_V2.0_1511_5.22.1_ST_X2-CU

Download version 2 based on VIBEUI_V2.0_1514_5.26.1_ST_X2-CU

Download updated Lenovo apps